Winner of the prestigious Award of Excellence from The Impact DOCS Awards Competition!

The Invisible City [Kakuma]

Web series augmented with real-time data visualisation
Status: in production & foreseen autumn 2017


Kakuma in Kenya, is one of the biggest refugee camps in the Horn of Africa. Many of the new arrivals in Kakuma are children and teenagers that have lost all contact with their parents.

Contrary to widely held belief, most of them are not orphans. Families often fall apart for pure pragmatic reasons. Children are sent off to the relatively safe camps first, while the rest of the family stays as long as possible in the village of origin. Phone numbers remain the only fragile threads that connect them. But phone numbers quickly get lost.

5 young inhabitants, coming from different countries, tell us from their perspective and with their words, how they live in the camp and what they undertake to find back their family.

Will children and parents be reunited?